Development and planning

            01Remuneration and Benefits: Higher than the industry standard salary income, support the car subsidy policy, set up various employee care funds;

            02Promotion space:Every six months promotion promotion, clear promotion time, scientific promotion system, perfect promotion system, committed to creating an open, fair and transparent promotion platform.

            03Training system: First-class company, first-class training, training is the biggest benefit for employees. Professional and systematic training, combining "teaching" and "practicing", targeted counseling at various stages, providing you with all-round knowledge of work skills, communication skills, negotiation psychology, management methods, etc., so that you can move forward step by step. Practical.

            04Insurance subsidy: A sound social security system that provides endowment insurance, medical insurance, work injury insurance and unemployment insurance, with an additional commercial insurance every year.

            05Reward system: Quarterly awards, annual awards, excess incentives, etc.

            06Working atmosphere: This is a home, everyone is our family, harmonious, mutual help, unity, harmonious working atmosphere, creating a good working environment for everyone .

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